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    Full Tilt Boots are up to 2 lbs lighter per pair than other boots due to a minimalistic shell with no heavy overlapping plastic or bolts and thinner plastic that also increases feel and responsiveness.

    Aluminum ratchet buckles for durable micro adjustments

    Active Bootboard absorbs Tom sized vibration and impact


    The Pro Liner is Full Tilt’s highest performing Body Heat Activated custom liner. It includes J Bars that create powerful internal ankle hold down and a powerwrap that increases power transfer to the shell.

    A combination of EVA foam layers quickly conform and mold to your foot: 4mm Open Cell foam is warm and comfy, 2mm Soft Density cross linked foam in between, and 7mm High Density Closed Cell foam is firm and responsive, to boot… pun intended!

    Wide Toe: a thinner foam is used around the front of the liner to give extra space to the widest point of the foot & toes without sacrificing control in the rest of the liner. Great for people with wider feet or who prefer more toe room.


    Tom Wallisch styled cable cover that lets you tuck the front of your pants and pop the tongue out like a G.

    Easy open tongue opens for easy entry and exit.


    Traditional boots flex with rivets through the cuff that prevent the boot from engaging in a natural flex. Full Tilt Boots get their flex from the unique 7-ribbed tongue removing the need for rivets through the cuff, allowing for a natural flex. This was originally designed by former NASA engineers after working on space boots that needed to take the impacts of jumping 10 feet in the air with 200lb suits on; now tell me that technology isn’t good enough for you.


    Flex Rating – 6 (1 Softest – 10 Stiffest)

    A freestyle directed #6 flex tongue allows for power with a natural playful flex. Full Tilt tongues are inter-changeable making it simple to swap flexes on the fly (extra tongues sold separately).

  • Tom Wallisch is an all-around stud on the mountain, and having him rep Full Tilt s boots is a major endorsement for the quality of Full Tilt “Is it the boots or is it Tom?” Old men wonder around piles of cans at mountain taverns across the land.Full Tilt s technology certainly doesn’t hurt his chances, especially with their Intuition liners and FTS shell. This boot is the perfect blend of supportive while still maintaining a playful feel. Huck it off some backcountry booters without worrying about flexing out, or throw a switch dub cork 1080: either one, this boot is equally at home.



    99mm FTS Soul 3-Piece Shell – The same 99mm last width and geometry as the Original with a slightly roomier toe box & rubber sole.

    Flex Rating: 6 (1 Soft – 10 Stiff)
    – Medium flex – Maximum versatility & reliability in all conditions with a smooth, natural ankle motion to eliminate shinbang! You can quickly change your flex by swapping out different # flex tongues.

    Pro Intuition® Liner – The most power transfer and responsiveness of any Intuition liner®. All adult Full Tilt boots use authentic Intuition® closed cell foam that is body heat activated to mold 100% to your feet and shell during use, or can be heat molded by a shop in minutes.

    Pro Laminate Construction – A combination of EVA foam layers quickly conform and mold to your foot. 4mm Open Cell foam is warm and comfy, 2mm Soft Density cross linked foam in between, and 7mm High Density Closed Cell foam is firm and responsive, to boot… pun intended!

    Power Wrap – An additional layer of ergonomically shaped High Density Intuition® closed cell foam is wrapped around the outside of the upper liner to provide added energy transfer and horsepower to the shell.

    Light Weight 3-Piece Shell Construction – Minimalist 3-Piece design eliminates the need for thick, heavy overlapping plastic or bolts for increased quickness & sensitivity, and it is up to 2 lbs / 900 g lighter than some alpine boots.


    Widetrack Buckle – The new adjustment mechanism from Full Tilt, the widetrack buckle is engineered to increase precision and durability while maintaining that I’m-still-skiing-down-this-mountain-right-now single hand tweek of cables. New durable aluminum lever is minimalist and lightweight.

    Power Strap – Standard nylon power strap with some excellent decoration in the way of likely soft material.


    Rubbersole – Replaceable rubber soles on the entire toe and heel dramatically increases grip when walking and hiking.

    Customizable – Full Tilt boots are customizable – all parts are sold separately for unlimited personalization and repair using a standard Philips head screwdriver.

    Active Boot Board – Soft rubber layer in the sole of the shell absorbs vibrations, impact and shock for a smooth ride.ADDITIONAL FEATURESPOWER STRAPCables – Cable closure works like a shoelace to eliminate dead spots for a smooth even pressure flex & fit.SHELL MATERIALSWide Toe – A thinner foam is used in the front of the liner to increase space without sacrificing control in the rest of the liner. This is for people with wider feet or who prefer a little more toe room. Can be handy in the park.J Bar – A J-shaped piece of foam is added to both sides of the ankle area to dramatically increase ankle hold, keeping your feet perfectly in place for precise control.Adjustable Flex – The boot’s flex is rated on a simple scale of 1-10 (10=stiffest). Change a boot’s flex by simply switching the tongue (additional tongues sold separately).Infinite Pivot – Unlike traditional boot designs, the rear cuff of Full Tilt boots never bottoms out. It pivots infinitely forward with your calf for less shell distortion, no shin pain and more control.Ribbed Tongue – 100% Ribbed tongue enables smoother, more natural linear flex from your shin to your toe. The tongue bends like a flexible straw, never bottoming out while providing smooth rebound. Spread the word and ring the city bell: NO MORE SHIN BANG! Easy On/Off – Tongue fully opens like a convertible, never blocking your foot. Slide your foot in and out easily with comfort in all temperatures.

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