Cole Welter

Cole loves snowboarding so much he moved to Oregon where he could do it year round. You won’t find a more stylish guy with a giant bag of tricks to boot.


Jesse Manastyrski

New to the family, Jesse brings effortless style, technical tricks and the meanest back lip in the game. We’re all stoked to ride with him more in the future!


Jen Dreger

Jen is an amazing rider and awesome person who has done (and continues to do) a ton for the sport. She also holds it down for Saskatchewan Snowboard Association and runs Chicas Only snowboard camps at local and neighboring resorts.


Alex Dong

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more naturally gifted snowboarder or generally nice guy. The only guy who could make a front 900 Japan air look good.


Justin Bryksa

Last but certainly not least is Justin “Bill” Bryksa. An ex shop kid, Justin has back-three’d the biggest jumps this country has to offer and has since retired to an almost strictly powder diet. Style for days and there is literally noone more fun to ride with.